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Monday, 31 October 2011

Silent Discos? Quiet Parties?

I was talking to Kuodo today and I mentioned Silent Discos and Quiet Parties.

A while ago I came across these 2 terms that I never heard before. I tried really hard but cannot remember where I came across that. Could have been in the course of researching for headphones, when I came across silent disco. It seems such an oxymoron (wiki definition here) that disco and silent could go together, so I checked it out on Wikipedia :)

Its an interesting event where people go to a disco and dance to music through headphones/earphones. So you get all these flashing lights and loud music (only in your ears). If an observer is not wearing headphones, he would only see people dancing around to silence.

There I followed another link to read up about a Quiet Party.

Imagine a party where people do not talk to each other. They just pass notes around. :)

Interesting things people come up with.