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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Komplete 8 Ultimate - Finally!

From Wednesday to Friday, another 2 days of waiting. During this time I've had another false alarm. I was called to the reception to receive packing material and boxes. I am helping to send Double Negative's Captain America Crew T-shirts back to Singapore.

Finally, I gave up waiting and went to the runners' room on level 3 to ask for my package. At first they thought it was mistakenly sent to the Mortimer Street office. After calling and double checking, they realised it was one of the unlabelled/unclaimed packages that's been lying in the runners' room for that last 2 days!

Each time I thought I was going to collect it, I told Ronald it could be the Komplete 8 Ultimate, and he would get excited. I felt guilty every time it turned out to be a false alarm. Therefore, I did not tell Ronald until I came back holding the product in my hands.

Boy Meets Toy
It came in an Akai box that was too big for its size
I don't think this box was meant for this product
Nowhere on the box did it mention my name or my address. Where did the invoice go then?

It was bubble-wrapped

The Free Headphones That Came with My Order