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Monday, 22 July 2013

My Upcoming Gig for the NKF Sit-a-thon Charity Event

Cool guys with playing cool instruments,
during one of our many rehearsals.
This coming Sunday 28 July 2013, in support of the NKF charity Sit-a-thon event, I'll be appearing with the Accenture Band outside of Ngee Ann City Singapore.

We'll be playing some of the very recently popular tunes, so drop by and groove yourself to great music in support of a great cause.

Monday, 15 July 2013


Yesterday this article was pointed to me by mr Alvin Yap who crawls the internet forums in his free time :)

This article was on a website called Soundtracks and Trailer Music

It is entitled: Why Hans Zimmer Got the Job You Wanted (And You Didn't)

It is written by Michael A. Levine, providing an Interesting Insight into Hans Zimmer (his work attitude and personality). It is a combination of musical skills, sensitivty and understanding of dramatic storytelling, business sense, ability to deliver and meet deadlines, and finally, understanding who the real clients are and treating them right.

Most of all, Hans Zimmer works really hard, and takes his career seriously, investing lots of time and money.

Thanks, Soundtracks and Trailer Music. This site will surely be another good place to hang out and to enrich myself with.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Interview with Film Composer James Bernhard

New from the Cakewalk Blog.

Great interview with Film Composer James Bernhard, a Sonar user incidentally. He has a strong perception of what is right, and what isn't for him. Coupled with these nuggets of wisdom and experience, are also very handy tips for aspiring composers for Film and TV.

 I like the questions asked by the interviewer from Cakewalk :)

 I am wondering why composers are secretive about the sounds, libraries and gears they use?

I like it when James say that in today's world of music, a demo track is often required to be broadcast quality, available to be used at an instant's request.

I also like the fact that he prioritises quality over speed. He rather have it right, than to have it fast. However, I also appreciate a lot of people in a situation when they are cornered into just meeting deadlines or budgets. At this point in time I can only draw on my professional experience as a CG / VFX artist. I hope I get to experience a full swing project cycle of stress, deadline versus budget kind of struggle, as a composer one of these days.

Thanks for the great interview, Cakewalk!