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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Magazines I used to buy

Around the period of 1994 - 2000 I was consistently buying Keyboard Magazine, Electronic Musician Magazine, and Mix Magazine. I stopped after a while.

Recently when I was searching for scripting in Kontakt, I came across a multi-part scripting in Kontakt series of articles from the Sound on Sound Magazine. (I covered that in a previous blog article). These articles can be purchased. Its been a while since I've bought or went into magazine sites like these, and each article costs 99 cents US to download. I was pleasantly surprised that I can buy individual articles for a very affordable price.

Of course I should not be that surprised, since music albums can be downloaded on a per-track basis. But it's also a really a good thing for magazines to pick-up that business model. In that way, readers can download only articles that are relevant to them, and they can download it immediately without leaving their computers.

This made me realise that business models are changing (for the better, in this case), and that our mindsets need to stay ahead with the times. Makes me sound like an old man doesn't it?