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Monday, 3 October 2011

Klipsch Reply to My Query

Yesterday I sent an email to query Klipsch if they can do some service and parts replacement to my Pro-Media earphones.

It is a valentine's day gift from my wife earlier this year. Cost about $159 (read my blog here). About 2 months ago, I accidentally left the earphones in my jeans pocket while I put it in the washing machine to wash.

After it came out from the wash, the phones were still working, to my amazement. The play-button that triggers the music player on my phone works too! The down side is that the mic had stopped working. The rubber that cushions the cable entering the body of the earphone has also split on the left side.

Therere I wrote to Klipsch international to ask if it was possible for them to do a parts replacement or maintenace for me, they gave me a short and absolute email saying they do not have repair set up for these.

I will go back to Singapore and enquire from their service centre again, see if I can get a different response from them.

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