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Monday, 10 October 2011

More Buying!

I just did some impulse buying on ebay.co.uk!

I bought the Klipsch Image S4 Dynamic in-ear headphones (white ones). I enjoyed the Klipsch pro-media earphones so much, that I decided to get this, planning to use it for making music.

I bought this at £36.99 for a pair, from one of Ebay's affiliated sellers.

This is more of a monitoring-purpose earphone. Monitoring earphones are supposed to faithfully produce sound. They are measured so they produce a "transparent" sound, accurately. Non-monitoring grade of earphones do not produce accurate sounds. Some will give a "sweetened" sound, (many do this by pumping up the bass louder than it really is), trying to make incoming sounds nicer than they really are. These kinds of earphones are more for casual listening, not for doing music / audio engineering work.

There were a few reasons I made the purchase here in London, instead of buying it after I go back to Singapore. First off, headphones sell much cheaper in UK than they do in Singapore. Somehow prices get marked-up.

Secondly, I've done my research and lots of people give good reviews and hail the Image S4 as the best in its class, almost comparable to earphones above £200.

Lastly, when I was just surfing around Ebay (not seriously consider buying), I saw the prices of the Image S4 being around £40 - £60. Then I saw this reseller selling it for £36.99. Yeah, you may say its just £3.01 below £40, but it did make a difference in my perception.

Finally I decided to buy it. In view that the pre-media earphones being of a lower grade than the Image S4 in terms of quality, and that I bought it in Singapore for about $159 (equivalent of £80), I would say this is a great buy. Pro-media earphones is a valentine's day gift from my wife, so I must continue using it. (And its not even a year old too!)

I also bought a hard case from a Hong Kong supplier for £1.06, so it'll be easier to carry my earphones around, and so that the same thing does not happen again to my pre-media earphones. ;) (read the blog on my Klipsch pro-media earphones).

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