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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Finding A Like-Minded Musician

I had a new colleague sitting across me in the same room. His name is Ronald and he's from Hong Kong. He's been doing effects for four years and been working in Japan as well.

Just a week or two ago, I found out that he has a passion for music too. His passion is Film music (wow!).

I told him all the times I was doing arrangement and composing, I found it really taxing, it felt as if it was too much of a good thing when I was doing it, and I soon got the feeling of overdose in a very short time.

He told me it must be that I do not have enough passion for it.

It set me thinking. I love music. Was it true that my passion was not enough?

I often felt inferior because of my lack of exposure, creativity, theory, vocabulary and technical skills (in the area of playing). When I make music, its all conflicting inside. Maybe that's why I became sick of it very soon whenever I start getting down to work on music.

I must figure out what's happening inside so I can understand my reaction towards making music.

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