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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

WavesFactory Drumkits Sale on VSTBuzz.com!

I just found an awesome website called vstbuzz.com. It features lots of discounts from different VST developers from time to time.

Right now the discount is on WaveFactory products: Four WaveFactory drum kits are selling for a mere US$26, (from the original price of US$52)! At this time of writing there are 6 more days left until offer ends, so hurry!

This offer includes the following drumkits: Tea Towel Drums, Ossifar Drums, Brush Drums and the Classic Rock Drums. Total sample size of these kits is almost 16GB, so I'd say it is a steal at this offer price, so do check them out. Below are some demos of the kits in action, for your listening pleasure.

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The founder of VSTBuzz is Emmett Cooke. Emmett is a multimedia composer for film and TV, as well as high-end corporate brands. Visit his official page here.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

SampleLogic Assault for Pre-Order Discount! (Hurry!)

Sample Logic has came out with an exciting new product called Assault.


The image above says it all. Pre-Order Assualt before 25 Feb 2013 for US$199 (savings of US$100!). Thereafter, the price will increase US$299.

Above is the interface of Assault, the virtual instrument aimed at Film, TV, games composers and sound designers.

Here's a YouTube trailer for Assualt:

Assault multis in action:

Here's a more detailed overview of Assault:

Please visit the product page for detailed description and presentation of features!

A very brief tech specs of Assault:
- Library is powered by Native Instrument's Kontakt Sample Player 5.
- Library samples takes up 1GB space on hard drive
- Assualt contains more than 850 instruments and multis recorded and processed at 24-bit/48khz and delivered at 24-bit/44khz.

For more information please visit SampleLogic's Assault product page!