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Monday, 10 October 2011

Project with a Fellow VFX Artist - Work In Progress v07

Here's version 7 of "How am I supposed to Live without You".

How am I supposed to live without you - WIP 07 by patrickwoo

I spent a bit of time mixing the track and applying reverb and EQ to some of the main instruments.

It is sounding much nicer than the previous versions.

The workflow I was used to, was just taking care of the notes and arrangement before going to mix and process the sounds. Actually I am not really used to processing the sounds at all, before using virtual instruments, since they all originate from 1 or 2 tone generators or synthesizers.

This has opened up a whole spectrum of possibilities for me. I realise after some tweaks I was able to make the electric piano have more definition, make the pads sound a bit more ethereal.

Hope I can finish this and be able to record Alvin playing the sax on top of it. It'll be fun!

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