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Friday, 16 October 2015

The World's Largest Sound Library is Now Made Public, Online!


From an article on VideoAndFilmmaker.com I came across this amazing piece of news!

The Macaulay Library, with over 150,000 recordings of 9,000 species is now digitised and has been uploaded to an online searchable database.

The library, housed at Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology, has made available over ten terabytes of recordings, with a runtime of 7513 hours of natural sounds.

Visit the page and take a listen to the amazing library that represents the tremendous effort of a multitude of passionate professionals, spanning lifetimes of effort and dedication.


Monday, 5 October 2015

A Collaboration Album Published on YouTube

I'm proud and excited to present a collection of songs I have been working on, in collaboration with the very talented +Alex Bett. Alex has publised this compilation on YouTube.

The video is embedded here:

In this album, Alex arranges and performs the guitar tracks while I arrange and record the piano, strings and the flute.

Please enjoy and share the love, joy and relaxation.

If you wish to license any of the tracks please feel free to approach +Alex  or myself (+Patrick Woo).