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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

SonicControl.tv: DAW School

What makes a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) a DAW?

Is a DAW the software or the hardware?
How do I build a DAW?

Questions like these and more, will be addressed and answered in DAW School. This is not a course that you enroll yourself into.


DAW School is actually a series of web episodic content that you can follow at your own pace, to find out how DAWs came about, how they have changed with the times, and how they've turned into their present configurations.

The 'lessons', conducted by the 'teacher', Peter Alexander, are available to the public on YouTube. Peter Alexander is the author of How Midi Works, Street Smart Guide to Logic, and The Professional Orchestration series. Watch all of his YouTube videos here.

Sponsorship message from the video:
DAW School is sponsored by ADK Pro Audio and TrueSpec Systems who represent EastWest, ProjectSAM, IK Multimedia, Sonivox, Garritan and other major libraries. TrueSpec also offers books, music scores and online music training in orchestration and counterpoint, and self-study programs in MIDI Mock-ups, Writing for Strings, and other subjects.

So here are the embedded clips (up to this point) for your viewing convenience:

Sonic Control's DAW School - Webisode 1: What is a Digital Audio Workstation

Sonic Control's DAW School - Webisode 2A:
What Makes a Digital Audio Workstation a Digital Audio Workstation?

Sonic Control's DAW School - Webisode 2B:
Talks about some price guidelines.

Sonic Control's DAW School - Webisode 3A:
You as the System Integrator

Sonic Control's DAW School - Webisode 3B:

Sonic Control's DAW School - Webisode 4A:
Apple versus IBM Machines

Sonic Control's DAW School - Webisode 4B:
Apple versus IBM Machines (continued)

This last webisode was posted on April 2009. So please be aware that the pricing guidelines were accurate at that point in time. The most current webisode I can find was posted on 31 Aug 2010 (that's my birthday can you believe it?!)

Sonic Control's DAW School - Season 2:
64-bit Revolution in Music Production, 4 Reality Checks, System Integration Goals, 64-bit compatible DAW Software and Virtual Instruments Libraries (remember this was only current as at Aug 2010)

Remember, these videos are quite American based. If you are outside of the United States, you should be able to find your local computer-based music stores that will be able to help you with your DAW system integration needs.