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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

New Equipment in Their New Home

From my previous visit to Resolution, they ran out of stock on XLR cables I purchased. Today I went down to collect them. So finally I set them up and tested to see if they are all working.

XLR connectors

Its Neutrik again. Resolution knows to use good quality stuff.

Klotz cables. Shin (Resolution staff) told me these are very highly regarded for their reliability and audio quality. He is right. I've researched a bit, and discovered that they do get a lot of positive ratings.

Yes, my workspace is extremely disorganised, apologies if it offends you neat and tidy folks.

Steinberg CI1 sitting on top of my old (and now mostly unused) equipment.

The MXL 550 connected to the XLR

I just wanted to show the embossed logo of the connector
I just want to say that I have decided to store the MXL set of condenser mics in my dry cabinet, together with my photography equipment. That would give the mics maximum protection against moisture, and also maximise my investment in the dry cabinet :)

Again curiosity got the better of me and I went to search on the Internet to see if this was a common practice. Here's a related discussion thread on Gearslut.com. Apparently almost all studios in Japan store their mics in dry cabinets.
This photo was linked from the gearslut.com thread mentioned in the previous paragraph.
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