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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ilya Efimov Electric LP and Strum is Out

Ilya Efimov has just released the Electric LP and Strum to further complete their guitars virtual instruments collection!

I just realised I've already written about Ilya Efimov products before, but here I go again.

When I first knew about Ilya Efimov's guitar libraries 2 months ago, they only had the Acoustic Guitar and Nylon Guitar and their 2 respective Strum libraries.

Just very recently they've released the LP Electric Guitar virtual instrument, and the LP Strum.

Acoustic / Nylon / Electric LP
These guitars are the most amazing sounding guitars I have heard, coming from a sampled library. Each individual guitar comes with its own 2GB+ of sampled data (from more than 3000 individual samples, sampled at 44.1khz, 24-bit in stereo), deeply sampled 14-velocity layers on each note, 17 frets on each string, round robin.

You can let the instrument automatically select the most appropriate string and fret for the note you play on your keyboard, or you can manually select which string to strike. All the instruments have 14 articulations and realistic legato and glissando. They also feature many fx and noises that can be produced on the guitars.

Each of the products has its own set of effects like Reverb, Chorus, Compressor, Delay, EQ, Flanger, Phaser, and Cabinet modelling.

There is also a MIDI-guitar mode where you can play the virtual instruments using a MIDI-guitar controller.

All the Ilya Efimov products are running on the full version of Native Instrument's Kontakt 4.2.3 or later.

Strum Guitars
All Strum guitars (Strum Acoustic & Strum Nylon) feature about 3000 samples totalling more than 2GB each. As with the individual guitar instruments they have 14 velocity layers for every note, 17 frets on each string. There are more than 30 chords strumming techniques, featuring auto and manual strumming modes. There are 250 preset strumming patterns and 70 custom patterns for you to create, edit, store and use.

The guitar chords are played with a left hand playing position, and you can choose to let the instrument adopt an automatic position or manually select a chord position of your choice. You can edit your own chord tablatures or use the existing 1584 pre-created tablatures in 33 chord variations, if required.

Best of all, all the strum patterns, effects set-up and custom tabs you create can be exported and imported to any directory on your harddisk for back-up purposes.

Strum guitars also have all the effects of the individual guitars stated above, and they are also playable via a MIDI-guitar.

Here's a video clip on their website demonstrating the power and ease of use: http://www.ilyaefimov.com/component/content/article/51-news/33-strum-video-clip.html

Don't just read the specs and features. Listen to the amazing sounds here. I'll talk about price below.

My current favourite track is "Melancholy" ;)

Pricing Information (at present):
Each guitar (acoustic/nylon/electric) comes with its strum version, and they are all sold separately, totalling up to 6 separate products available for purchase. Each of these 6 products cost 99 Euros.

There is a bundled price for both the Acoustic & Nylon Guitars with their respective Strum versions (4 products in total) at the price of 249 Euros instead of 369 Euros.

You can also purchase the Strum Bundle which includes the Strum (Nylon) and Strum (Acoustic) for 198 Euros.

About Ilya Efimov
Ilya Efimov is a composer for film and TV, jazz pianist, song writer, arranger and sound producer. As a jazz pianist, he has many awards under his name. He has also produced a number of concert programs.

Ilya Efimov Sound Production started in 2010. Ilya Efimov has since been actively involved in the company developing sample libraries while working on film music projects at the same time.

About the Company
Ilya Efimov Sound Productions deals mainly in creating virtual instruments libraries, sound effects and royalty free music libraries.