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Sunday, 8 April 2012

New Discovery: Resolution!

I made a very exciting discovery today! I was at Clarke Quay Central mall with my wife, doing some window shopping as usual. My mind was idling for a moment, thinking of the piece of music I was working on. This led me to think about sample libraries like I always do. We were on the second floor when I looked up and something caught my attention: It was an animated LED signboard that spelled Traktor.

I thought I was seeing things. When I saw that I wasn't mistaken, I thought it was some brand of product that happened to have the same name as Native Instruments' Traktor. (That's the red logo at the right in the picture.)

With mounting interest I spotted somewhere in the shop window, the corporate colour and the familiar logo of Native Instruments. "This cannot be true!", I told myself. As far as I knew, there were no shops retailing such niche products like sample libraries.

Finally I came to stand in front of the shop. Lo and behold! It is a shop dedicated to solutions and tools for digital audio production! The name of the shop:

Stacks of NI products decorated the shop window. Slowly I began to see other brand names and products on display inside the shop. I was in digital audio paradise! Definitely my kind of place!

I was greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable and sincere staff, Shin, who showed me around and told me the history of the company. This is not a new start-up. They have been around for about 4 years, located at Sunshine Plaza. I used to work just beside Sunshine Plaza till the end of 2006. After that I seldom went there, so its a shame that I've only just discovered their existence.

They have only recently set up this new show at Clarke Quay Central. Apparently they were already here for a couple of months. This must have been after my return from London. I am still quite surprised that I did not see the shop all those times I went shopping there.

Very quickly I was given an introduction to the huge collection of hardware and software all geared towards digital audio and music creation and enjoyment. 
Shop interior, professional yet inviting
There's a section of the shop mostly displaying NI products. These guys are the official retailers in Singapore

NI paradise!

Browsing the shelves I spotted EastWest products! This shop definitely knows to stock up the right stuff for music professionals.

A huge LED arrayed display fills up the wall along the shop. Really attention grabbing

Resolution also carries professional monitor speakers. Here in the photo are Mackie, Prodipe, Sonodyne, Violet and MXL products. These include speakers, mics, mic amps, compressors, EQ units, etc. Everything to build a professional audio recording studio.

Some variety of microphones on display

The very unique Nucleus audio mixing console by SSL (Solid State Logic) which offers DAW control, analogue and digital mixing.
Arturia's Origin Keyboard. This keyboard takes centre stage of Resolution's display area. It is lauded as the best synthesiser. In it contains the engine for Moog Modular, ARP2600, CS-80, Jupiter 8, Minimoog, Prophet 5, Prophet VS and tonewheel and rotary organs. Truly a juggernaut of a music generating machine!

The control panel of the Origin Keybaord. This can be swivelled to close in a facing downward position. 

This is Steinberg's newest CMC series of modular USB-based controllers (6 in total),
and 2 USB audio interface products above them (NI Komplete Audio 6, Steinberg UR28M)

To my pleasant surprise, the shop also carries Project Sam products like Symphobia 2! Well that's definitely something to look forward to in my future purchases :)

Of course Resolution also carries DAW software like Cubase and even scoring software too. I also spotted instrumental training material for sale.

In a second section demarcated by glass partitions, is a gallery showcasing products solely from ATC Loudspeaker Technology. This is the pinnacle of Hifi enjoyment. These instruments of audio reproduction are aimed at completely accurate reproduction of audio signal as it was meant to be heard, at the point of audio mixing for the entertainment/music content. 

The space that houses this theatre system is intentionally acoustically untreated. The guys at Resolution are demonstrating the quality of sound reproduction accuracy from their set-up in a real-world consumer's home, without any extensive acoustic treatment. 

A very comprehensive range of ATC products.

This is really a one-stop shop for musicians, composers, music producers and Hifi enthusiasts.

Whatever your need and usage for digital audio / music products, if you need a piece of software or equipment, Resolution would be more than happy to propose a solution for you. Do drop by to take a look!

Additional information. Here is Shin's business card.