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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Native Instruments Releases Skanner XT: Special Price for Existing Owners!

Following the release of the free version of Skanner, Native Instruments has released Skanner XT, the next chapter of their advancement into their concept of a sampler-based-synth. Part sampler, part synth, but altogether a new breed of instrument that uses samples in an organic way to create completely new sounds that morph over time in an organic way.

Featuring 296 sounds and limitless combinations and morphing potential, Skanner XT runs on Native Instruments' Reaktor platform.

For the users who already own Skanner (free), Skanner XT comes with more than double the number of sounds, and also includes 2 new categories: ChipTunes (gaming arcade machine sounds) and Motion (rhythmic type of sounds). Skanner XT also offers 2 extra effects: flanger and cabinet. These will further expand the instrument's potential, and open up more possibilities for musicians & sound designers looking to twist, warp and mangle up our sounds.

There is a special introductory price that offers previous owners a 50% discount of USD 29.50 on Skanner XT. Regular price is USD 59.00. Offer ends 26 May 2012. Thats about a month away, from the date of this post.

In my previous post entitled "Interview with Stephan Schmitt on Reaktor Skanner", and "A Conversation with Stephan Schmitt", we can go to BigBrainAudio's website to read about Native Instruments Stephan Schmitt's bold vision for hybrid synthesizers like Skanner and Reaktor and the innovative spirit behind these instruments.

Being an existing owner of Skanner (I downloaded the free version), I was entitled to the 50% discount. The introductory price was impossible to ignore. Coupled with the powerful and versatile features of this product and the new presets, I had to buy it!

And so I did! I just completed the transaction. :)

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