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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

EastWest Complete Composers Collection HD+ 70% Discount!

Here it is again, ladies and gentlemen, the EastWest Complete Composers Collection sale is on again! The products are going at a huge 70% discount this time round!

Unlike the regular Complete Composers Collection where you can only buy 7 products in a pack, you now can have the choice to buy up all their products that are participating in this offer, making a total of 11 products, and still enjoy a 70% off the total price! (Please do your own calculations on the total savings just to be sure!).

Promotion ends 2 May 2012, midnight USA-Pacfic Time. Its 26 April 2012 today so 6 more days left to grab this. On top of this, there's free worldwide shipping for the first 3 days!

Don't miss this chance, folks. Go to the SoundsOnline.com and pick your instruments today!

I bought the regular CCC pack, so I already have 7 of the 11 products. How I wish I didn't so I can buy them all over again! :)

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