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Monday, 30 April 2012

K-Pop Song: You & I by IU

There's a very catchy and very well made K-Pop song I've just been introduced to, by Kaihsin.

The song is padded orchestral arrangement for the opening, middle instrumental and ending portions. The chords are elegant and logical and the parts are nicely written.

I did not find the melody very distinct or particularly memorable. But after a few plays it started to haunt me. I'll be reminded of portions of it from time to time, in the next few days. Maybe its the singer's voice or the exotic pull of a foreign language. Sometimes the song is more effective when you don't understand the language. I tend to listen harder, and wonder what the lyrics are saying.

Besides the very well written melody and orchestration, the music video is also very elaborate and nicely shot. Can really tell this is a big budget production.

Hope you enjoyed it :)