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Friday, 10 February 2012

So You Would Come V06 - Feedback

Janson has listened to the latest version - So You Would Come v06
and he has given his feedback. He says he is feeling more contrast in dynamics.

He had another listen to the original Hillsong track, and he feels it's pretty good too. (He thought it was a bit monotonous yesterday, but he realised it is better than he thought). He felt it is also a good reference for dynamics highs and lows.

Reflecting the scenario in an orchestra or symphonic band, the sole person to interpret the piece in terms of expression, would be the conductor and the soloist during solo passages.

In the case of a sequencing arranger,  the conductor would be himself/herself. However, while the conductor expresses the music in real-time, the sequencing arranger is building the piece track by track, section by section, recording automation passes by passes, and tweaking audio parameters knob by knob (fader by fader and switches by switches, etc). Doing all that, he could lose himself (or herself) in the small things to make it perfect, and neglect the bigger expression of the song.

A similar mistake along the same line of oversight that I often catch myself making is this: My piano track is doing a sycopation on beat 4, while my bass is playing straight 8 beat groove. Later on I layer on strings playing a line that syncopates at beat 3 in the same bar. This is total rhythmic dis-harmony.

These are a few things that happen. Basically the idea behind the mis-management remains the same. Many different instruments are doing their own thing, even when coming from the same sequencing arranger. :( Many different things in a small scale translate into uncoordinated music on the big scale.

Janson also thought the ending was a bit hollow. The bass seemed to stick out like a stray instrument who did not know that the rest has stopped playing. He was more for the idea of finishing the song together as an orchestra.

CaoYe (my fellow colleague) says the addition of the cello is a nice addition to the last version.

Kaihsin says that the music reminds her of all the Korean dramas that she was furiously watching before being employed here at her current job.

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