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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Responses to DnegLondonExpVideo_V001_003

I ran the piece through Janson, YC and Rainne (my colleagues).

Cao Ye:
- the opening melody is very sweet! should bring that back during the later part also=D
- hmmm this track actually sounds pretty 'London' haha. yeah the later part definitely has the fantasy flavor, how about something abstract like maybe a colour or something, i dont know haha
- it's really great that you dont stop create new stuff and this latest one really sounds fresh!=D

- sounds like music for movies. 

- i like it. reminds me of Final Fantasy, walking around in the game, etc.
- can I get you compose something for my reel? 

- reminds me of english army, knights horses and castles.
- sounds like the army in high spirit, ready to go war.. then sth nt so nice happen... enemy attack?... where the flat and sharp notes coming in...haha... I am dreaming..

- it takes too long before some main theme kicks in
- for the repeating melody at 1:10, so much anticipation, but i think it didnt build up to something too fantastic
- i think around 00:24ish something should kick in, maybe the build-up is too gradual

These are all good comments. And it is very interesting and educational to read all of them, gaining insight to how different listeners react to the same piece of music. It also brings out the parts and areas I have not given much thought to.