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Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I came across this nice site on the internet.
http://www.musictheory.net/ by Ricci Adams

This is a site that gives free lessons and exercises to improve your music foundation.

The lessons are animated to effectively illustrate music concepts.

The music recognition exercises included a huge list of areas that can improve note identification, key signature identification, interval identification, chord identification and many more.

I always had problems reading notes especially those notated outside the range of the staff. I went through the note recognition training where I had to identify the note notated on the treble clef. It shows how many times I've missed and my percentage of accuracy. After going at it for a while, I actually felt more confident identifying the correct notes! It's pretty fun, and it actually works!

The tools section has a collection of very useful tools, from determining the tempo by tapping on a button, to utilities that list out the major and minor keys by number of accidentals.

The lessons are available for the iPhone as an app called "Theory Lessons".

The tools are also available as an iPhone app called "Tenuto", available in the Apple App Store.