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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Composer: Thomas E. Brown

I came across Thomas Brown's page, and I was somehow captivated by it.

Thomas is a music composer, arranger and performer. In his write-up on the main page, he is very frank about his involvement with writing music for the screen. Admitting that he is new to the section of the media industry, it says nevertheless he approaches it with passion and enthusiasm.

His write-up is humble, because despite him being new in this circle, he has composed and written for 2 films that went into film festivals.

He has had formal music education. He graduated in Music Performance at the renowned Tech Music Schools.  He is still studying for a Masters in "Composing for Film and TV",

The reason I like him, is probably due to the fact that he is relatively new, but he has had 2 finished films, and has made some connections with people in the circle. He also has his own page and a facebook profile in his composer capacity. Through all this, I can see the effort, and feel his enthusiasm, and I can relate to him. This is a success case of a composer entering the industry, and actively doing things to upgrade his skills at the same time. He is surely someone to look up to. It is inspiring!

Thomas' Facebook profile here: http://www.facebook.com/thomasbrowncomposer?sk=info

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