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Friday, 24 February 2012

Cakewalk Sonar - Fixing Latency for Virtual Instruments

So I am back to take another look at the software I've been using for years.

Somehow this time I find that I am much less familiar with it. I still roughly know where things are I do not feel as close to it as I did FL Studio.

This time round, I ran into a very annoying problem. It's the latency problem in Sonar. Remember a while ago I wrote a similar post on solving my latency problem with my EastWest virtual instruments in FL Studio. Now I'm facing the same problem again in Sonar.

This time it happened to all virtual instruments in Sonar 8.5. The lag is unacceptably long (about 1.5 seconds). Tweaking the appropriate audio buffer values did not allow me to find an optimal setting that completely removed the lag. It was either laggy when I set the Sonar audio buffer values too high, or the sounds became choppy and stuttered when the buffer values got too low.

I went to youtube to do a search and found these.

So here are 2 youtube.com clips that talks about how to solve latency problems in Sonar.

This is the first time I've heard of this fantastic tool. Its called Asio4All. The website affectionately calls it A4A. It is developed by Michael Tippach to solve his own audio latency problem, and it's become one of the most sought after tool for fixing latency. He  (it works for me!).
Download it here: http://www.asio4all.com/

Here's a clip showing how to use the Asio4all tool. (this video shows it on an FL Studio host).


  1. Dude, when you use asio4all right, are you still able to watch flash, listen to mp3 at the same time whilst the sequencer is running? Last I tried it, all other audio functions seemed to stop working.

  2. Yo, I don't get it because it only affects applications that talks to the Asio drivers? I seem to have read about people facing the same problems. I don't know if its the nature of Asio drivers? I haven't used ASIO drivers all that much. I'm sort of new to virtual instruments. I think I was using WDM drivers all the while. Back then I was purely using hardware tone generator and synthesizers and with multiple tracks of audio. The audio didnt give me any noticeable lag. However back then I did experience a noticeable pause on slower systems before the host started to play, when there were a large number of simultaneous audio files in the timeline. Probably the system is caching them or something.