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Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Interpretation of DnegLondonExpVideo_V001_003

I am listening to the music again. There's a percussive segment that sounds like blades clashing, led me to think of a duel or fight of sorts. That's when I came up with the following imagery for the latest post: DnegLondonExpVideo_V001_003

<start of music: 0:00>
maybe the story is about a battle between 2 men
at the beginning, we are following just 1 man
he is on his way to a duel or a confrontation ( he doesn't know yet (?) )
now he is lost in his own thoughts, pondering
maybe unsure of himself, or struggling with his own feelings ...anything
maybe thinking of the people he love, the reasons he should fight, etc
i am thinking of the camera showing big close-up of his face
the background is blurred, out of focus
he is moving but it is in slow motion
and the low beating sound we hear is his heartbeat.

<at 0:30>
he gets back to reality and he hastens (maybe he comes to a decision?)
maybe he is on horseback, or he is running, actually travelling

<at 1:11>
he gets more determined and goes faster (maybe his village is in sight)
maybe he sees something is not right
maybe his village is burning or plundered
he charges into the village to see people dead, houses burn, etc
he is looking for survivors

<at 1:38>
he spots his enemy
they get into a good fight.
I am imagining them crossing blades
the cymbal rides now sound like clashing of weapons

<at 2:01>
the battle ends with one survivor,
maybe one man standing over the other, or with a sword run through the chest
maybe the protagonist dies, the camera closes up on his face again like the beginning