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Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I discovered this site as I was surfing the web. This is an amazing company that produces discs in bulk for record labels and independent artists. They also do mastering, DVD authoring, cover designing, and all sorts of supplies and storage solutions related to disc duplicating, recording, mastering and such.

They also host an amazing blog called Echoes. This is filled with insights and discoveries that help musicians, including music industry-related news, and articles where professional musicians share their discoveries and lessons learnt.

They are very pro-independent musicians. I feel that the services, blogs and resources at the Discmakers site is there to support and reach out to help independent artists reach out to the audiences.

The site also contains a section where there is an amazing collection of free material for reading and listening, to educate and instruct artists trying to make their mark in the industry. These range from technical subjects like mastering tips to the business side of marketing yourself or your band in the modern age of digital media and social networking.

Do swing by and check them out!

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