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Monday, 5 March 2012

Sample Logic's 50% Sale!

Sample Logic is having an extraordinary sale! 50% off all their boxed items!
Offer ends 10 March. Thats 4 days away! If you have been looking at their products and waiting for the right time to buy, NOW's the right time! ;)
(Just in case you were wondering, I am not affiliated to them. I just find that they have good products, that's all.)

Sample Logic has its own collection of demo tracks from its products on soundcloud.com: SL sounds on soundcloud.com.

Wanna watch more demonstration videos of Sample Logic's products in action? Check out their youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/samplelogic?feature=watch

And of course, here's Sample Logic on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samplelogicllc?ref=ts

I've heard of Sample Logic from way back. But I've never actually went to check out their site and products. From a banner ad at the VI Control forum, I saw this and finally came to their page.

I am pleasantly surprised by the their ground breaking innovation and the quality of their product. It shows because many of their virtual instruments get awards and are highly acclaimed.

They also make the instruments with the end users in mind -- the musicians who are going to express ideas through the instruments. It is also their objective to let their products inspire and motivate the musicians in their creation process. That is a tall order, in my opinion, and from all the positive feedback and acclaims they've received, Sample Logic seems to have more than achieved that goal.

I am keeping my eyes on Synergy and Morphestra. Cinematic guitars sound very good too, but a bit too specialised for me at this point.

For those who want an all-round collection of instruments to suit all genres and styles of music as your staple library, you can purchase the The Elements Exp. This features a whopping 14GB of samples containing 2000 instruments. It can also be expanded to another 350 extra instruments and multis with just $40.

For a bite-sized taste of everything, a very tempting Try Pack is available, where you get a collection of 35 instruments totalling up to 750mb of samples, all that for just $5. Well worth the money! I definitely recommend giving this a go.

These products are a very usable and inspiring addition to any musician's library.

In a market of virtual instruments already filled with libraries that boast of hyper realistic reproduction of real instruments that exist, Sample Logic has provided musicians and composers with an additional level of creativity and control. This enables them to break the boundaries of realism and take those instruments to new frontiers, creating expressive sounds that would take huge amounts of time to tweak and set-up, using multiple processing tools. Now they are all here in one place.

It is a brand new world of instruments geared towards creating and designing new sounds, adding that fresh touch to your music. The products would augment your arsenal with something unique, inspiring and usable right off the shelf, Sample Logic products are definitely worth a look.