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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Purchased the Sample Logic Try Pack!

I purchased the Try Pack from Sample Logic last night. It is really a pack filled with good sounds, high quality and a really good look at whats the various products are about.

All the instruments run on Kontakt player. So I had no problem loading them up and browsing through them.

This is really a sampler pack (no pun intended) with a wide range of variety, truly showcasing the superior sounds quality and musical expression of their product. These by themselves are definitely very usable, and I am glad I bought them. Truly opened my eyes.

I especially like the concept of being able to sculpt your sounds through step-sequencing every parameters in your effects and tone generation section, as they have done in the instance of Cinematic Guitars. This truly gives the composer and sound designers limitless possibilities for generating new sounds every time.

I am regretting not taking advantage of their very recent offer. I guess I'll have to start saving up for some of these!