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Friday, 23 March 2012

EastWest Fab Four on a 2-Day Sale: Part 2

As I was writing the last post EastWest sent another email about Fab Four being on sale!

Same deal, people. It's 50%!

Fab Four is a virtual library of 45 instruments that are inspire by the music of the Beatles.

The recording of samples were done by recording engineer Ken Scott. He was the actual recording engineer for 5 Beatles albums. This is the real thing!

Fab Four won producer Doug Roger the award of M.I.P.A 2008 for Best Sound Library at Frankfurt Musikmesse. That is testimony to the quality of work put into the product.

The instruments sound amazing and true to the sound of the Beatles, yet unlike the deteriorated quality of so many tracks from the 70s, the audio fidelity of the sampled instruments in Fab Four is crystal clear.

Here are some videos from YouTube.com: a multi-part tutorial video of the Fab Four library to see and hear the product in action!

Remember, the product is half price for 2 days only. Sale ends on 25 March 2012 at midnight, USA-Pacific time. Act fast!

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