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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Johnson and Weiping's Wedding Worship Recording

Listen to this at SoundCloud.com

I've just uploaded this, so it may take a while to get converted and show up.

This is the description that accompanied the upload:

This is the recorded worship segment of Johnson and Weiping's wedding. This took place in Singapore at the Grace Assembly of God at Tanglin Road.

The first song "Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)", was sung live.
The following 2 songs "So You Would Come" and "Zan Mei Zhi Quan" were sung with my backing tracks, which I've also uploaded on soundcloud.com.
Singers were Peter Lim, Christina (my wife) and myself (the softer and muffled male voice).

Recording equipment used, Samsung Galaxy S2.

Recording has a break in the middle. Front part was recorded as a video (mp4) and the back part I switched to the default audio recorder and recorded only audio (3ga).

That is because the video was recorded with the phone pointing at the ground all the time while I had to play the keyboard with both hands.

Recording quality is not ideal because Peter and Christina were stage front, and my keyboard was positioned a bit behind. The phone was recording off the monitor speakers from stage front. (Yes it means I was barely hearing my own singing and playing, so please forgive my poor pitching)

For your amusement, you can watch (listen to) the video here:
There is a part in the middle where I raised my phone to take a quick look around at the congregation. ;) 

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