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Friday, 23 March 2012

EastWest Ministry of Rock 2-day Sale!

Today soundsonline.com sent me an email.

It's a 2-days-only offer, 50% off on EastWest Ministry of Rock virtual instrument!

It's now 9pm Singapore time on the same day, so that's half the day gone. Offer ends 24 March midnight USA-Pacific time.

Ministry of Rock sells for $395 originally, and now for 2 days it is going for $195.

If you have been eyeing this, go grab it before the offer runs out!

Produced by Nick Pheonix, Ministry of Rock is EastWest's virtual rock instrument. Consisting of 4 drumkits, 5 basses and 6 guitars, the instruments carefully miked up, some with different configurations of miking techniques and different amps, then meticulously sampled. This includes multiple takes on the same note for a round-robin sample playback technique to enable a human feel when playing the same notes in quick succession.

With a long list of relevant articulations sampled from each instrument being played in different ways, there's plenty of potential for total freedom for realistic expression when using this virtual instrument library in your music.

Ministry of Rock was so well received that EastWest went on to produce Ministry of Rock 2. This successor contains a whopping 57 gigabytes of samples, about 3 times the size of the first one.

Unfortunately MOR2 is not on sale. It is selling at a regular price of $395.

Undecided? Here's a series of 3 video tutorials from YouTube.com that showcase quite a few of the instruments, showing how they can be played with convincing realism. Part 1 shows drums, Part 2 shows the guitars and Part 3 shows the basses.

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