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Sunday, 25 March 2012

EastWest StormDrum2 2-day 50% sale

This time, its the StormDrum2 virtual instrument going on a 50% sale! Promotion ends 26 March 2012, midnight USA-Pacific time.

SD2 is a collection of beautifully recorded exotic and ethnic drums and percussion samples. These sampled percussion pieces come from all over the world, and they range from small Tibetan bells to a huge 42"  drum. For some of the ensemble patches like the "Earthquake Ensemble", they recorded it with eleven musicians hitting drums of various sizes in unison, in the EastWest Studio 1.

These can sound as big and epic, or as up-close and personal as you want it to. These are the sounds that we hear on huge movie soundtracks that we hear, ready to use right at our fingertips.

If you are working on film, games, multimedia, instruments from this library immediately takes you to exotic places and conjures up euthentic and gritty landscapes in the listeners' minds.

Go over to the product page from the links above, and listen to the demo tracks for the product and be amazed!

At the EastWest product page, Producer/Composer Nick Pheonix who is in also responsible for so many EastWest's Quantim Leap products, gives a very detailed description of the product.

He talks about the detailed programming that went into the instruments on the product page:

Generally there is a lot of velocity switching going on and some round robin (alternate) sample switching. The sounds are usually organized with the middle of the drum hits on the lowest keys, and as you move up the keys, the hits move to the outside of the drum. Use CC11 volume and CC12 pan inside your sequencer, because they work per midi channel, unlike CC7 and CC10 which control the entire instance of PLAY's volume and pan. The mod-wheel controls a fantastic filter which can give the sounds more life and sound design options. 

Here's an official demo of SD2 in action on a track called "Herophobia"