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Thursday, 26 January 2012

So You Would Come - v002 - work in progress

Spent the whole night finishing up the piano part and the strings, cellos, bass guitar and a bit of a rough drums part. It is still work in progress. I have 2 more songs to go for next week so I shouldn't spend too much time doing up any particular parts i suppose. This is so much like trying to finish up an exam paper!

Click here to listen on soundcloud.com

This is a cover of a song by Hillsong: So You Would Come. Here' the link of the original on Youtube.com.

I feel at this time the bass is too heavy.. I didn't spend a lot of time mixing the levels. The instruments only received a bit of panning. I was trying to use the Native Instruments scarbee bass. It sounded ok when I was working on it.

It was quite a pleasure using it. It's a Very nice instrument to play. Feels and sounds very human too! But a pity it rendered really very horribly with unexpected artifacts. Sound gets abruptly cur off before notes end.

Didn't have time to fix it so I replaced it with the bass from Kontakt 5 factory instrument collection.

I'll work on it more after the worship band practice tonight.