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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Pace iLok2 Review

I received an email from Amazon.com, inviting me to review my recent purchase of the Pace iLok 2 licensing USB dongle. 

After writing my review, I realised I could complete one of the steps because the controls to rate it were not visible. This happened both on Chrome and Firefox, so I gave up. 

Trying not to waste my completed review, I decided to post it on this blog.

Here's my review for my iLok 2 purchase on Amazon.com

I am a first-time user.

This device is really hassle free. I just needed to go into iLok.com to create an account for myself. Then I tie the authorisation of my licenses to my new iLok account, and it just worked. Using Windows7 64-bit, I did not need to install any kind of driver to get it working. It was truly plug-and-play.

The iLok 2 is very pleasing to hold and to look at. It is sleek, elegant and futuristic looking with with its curved edges and a brilliant blue strip of glowing light when plugged-in. The cap fits the body perfectly in a seamless curve.  

The only complain I have is that the cap can be very hard to remove. The surface is so curved, smooth, and seamless, I cannot wedge my finger nail between cap and body to pry them apart. There are also no areas I can get a good grip on, so I usually have to grip really hard on body and cap, then pull them apart. This usually ends up with one of my hands losing grip on either body or cap on the first or second try, before finally succeeding in getting the cap off.

It would also be a very nice touch if there was someway to tie the cap to the main body once it is opened. Maybe it could also be attached to the back of the body like a pen cap? The cap this small could easily be misplaced. 

All in all its really a nice piece of device that works hassle free, except for the very awkward experience of getting the cap off every single time.(Good thing I do not need to bring it around very much, thus I am relieved of capping and removing the cap every other day).

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