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Monday, 16 January 2012

Catch up with Alvin

Just had a long catch up over MSN with my VFX mentor Alvin Yap. He is another hardcore musician. Ever since he's picked up his flute and sax, with his multi-track software and mics set up on his computer, he's been recording and posting his practice sessions with amazing frequency and conscientiousness.

I think his enthusiasm rubbed off on me. Sort of made me guilty I havent done much with my experience and whatever skills are existing. That is part of the reason I started the Michael Bolton minus-one project with him. (Now its still not finished! Have to finish it soon!)

Now he's gotten his own orchestral virtual instruments and ready to compose some stuff on his own! 

This guy is always looking to improve himself. Facing challenges head on! He's gone on a 4-day Jazz course and now going to take up courses from Dave Conner, an established composer teaching private composing classes!

I feel the pressure! I'll try and make more music to better myself!