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Sunday, 15 January 2012

JHCompo Compeition

Alvin just informed me that there is this website that organises music composing competitions. This is happening weekly, on Tuesdays 5pm Pacific Time (8am Eastern Time).

This is the first time I am hearing of competitions like that. It is the music equivalent of speed modelling competitions and the 11-second-club, in the computer graphics world. In these competitions you are given a fixed time to finish work on a particular theme that gets released at the start of the compeition.

Similarly with JHCompo, a theme is assigned and composers have 2 hours to submit their works that best express their interpretation of the theme, and done to the best quality they can achieve in that time frame.

The next compeition is coming up, so I'll check it out and see how its conducted. It's gonna be fun!

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