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Monday, 9 July 2012

Trailing the Shadow - 20120628 morphestra 01 v002

Listen to this track on SoundCloud.com

My latest piece is entitled 'Trailing the Shadow'.

Sequenced in FL Studio 10, all instruments are from  SampleLogic Morphestra .

With my recent purchase of SampleLogic Morphestra, I decided to do a piece using only the sounds from the library. 

I am playing around, discovering the potential of the vast sounds and moods I can create with this awesome library.

I have not been doing a lot of sound-design work with my music. For the longest time I've been using tone generators, using the sounds as they are produced without much processing. Now virtual instruments literally changed everything, from workflow to mindset. 

It was lots of fun, thinking of a musical piece not only from melody and harmony, but from a sound-design perspective as well! The patches from Morphestra were inspiring, prompting the user to explore and experiment, opening up new directions and possibilities for the music.