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Sunday, 1 July 2012

My 2012 Mid-Year Bargain Hunting Splurge!

Today I made 2 purchases online:
- EastWest one-for-one sale: Gypsy and Ministry of Rock 2 for US$395 (usual price US$790)
- Image-Line's 40% off: FL Studio 10 Signature Bundle upgrade for US$126 (usual price US$210)

These offers are just too good to pass up, so I just 'had' to grab them! :)

Adding to my previous purchase of these items in the past week:
- SampleLogic Morphestra for US$275 (usual price US$549)
- IK Multimedia's Miroslav Philharmornik Classik Edition for US$39 from www.audiomidi.com (usual price US$99)
- AAS Strum Electric GS-1 (US$20) from www.audiomidi.com (usual price US$199)

I did not have to spend a cent for the purchase of FL Studio Signature Bundle because I was using the 300 points of IL Cash I won from the IL merchandising competition. I still have some points left over from it even after upgrading my FL Studio.

So All my spendings added up to US$729 (SG$922), excluding FL Studio. That is a lot of money, but also notice that all the items were on-sale items. Without all the sale, I should have been spending US$1637 (SG$2072) (excluding FL Studio). But because of all the sale going on, my total savings (excluding FL Studio) came up to US$908 (SG$1,149.43)!

Therefore in total, I saved about 44% on all the stuff I bought!

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