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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Working with Sonivox Vocalizer

After work tonight I had some time to play with the Vocalizer a little bit.

The installation came with a collection of videos that show how to set up Vocalizer for use in various plug-in hosts that it can be used with. 

Sonivox Vocalizer is a bit tricky to use in terms of setting up the signal flow into the plug-in. To function, it needs 2 inputs: one stream of audio signal, and another is a MIDI signal input. 

Audio signal is the main input signal that is going to get modified by Vocalizer. The MIDI signal provides Vocalizer with frequency/pitch information. Based on this pitch information, Vocalizer can use it to manipulate, modulate, extract the audio information, thereby generating a whole new sound.

In other words, it is applied as an insert effect rather than an instrument in FL Studio. The installation actually comes with videos showing how to set-up and use the plug-in when used under various hosts (Logic, Cubase, Protools, Sonar, FL Studio). There is also a Acrobat PDF file explaining exactly the same thing as the video tutorials, in diagrams and screenshots with arrows and break-out labels explaining the process under various hosts.

Presently, I have mostly used FL Studio for sequencing and processing instruments output. However, I have never recorded audio in FL Studio. Looks like it is time for me to properly get acquainted with FL Studio's audio recording and waveform editing tools.