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Saturday, 10 December 2011

It Has Arrived! - EastWest Complete Composers Collection

My EastWest Complete Composers Collection has finally arrived today! It arrived in the afternoon at my workplace.

When I went home I immediately unboxed it.
To my surprise and dismay, the hard-disk that shipped was actually an internal harddisk!

I had a few external hard-disks that were encased in external casings (these require an external power supply to work). To save me from spending on another external hard disk case, I removed one of my hard-disks and put in my EastWest hard disk instead.

That took me the whole night. Finally, I got to the stage where I could install the software. However, I could not use it because my iLok dongle had not arrived. Thus I had to wait. That's fine, because work has been busy for the past weeks, and will continue to be busy for the remaining of the year.