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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Factory Carnival

It is the time the year where people celebrate, familhourset together, and children have lots of fun.

Here's a timely track appropriate for the season - carnival music. Reminds me of the few occasions in my younger days when my parents brought me to fairs and carnivals.

This is actually an idea for a current project. Really different from my usual musical inclinations, but it is a fun thing to do and a fresh breath of air.

This track is actually a piece done for a client running an operation similar to an amusement park. In this case the place is set up to be a teddy bear land.

I finished the project set up and musical arrangement in 4 hours. I spent another hour or two polishing up the mixing and audio engineering aspect.

Interestingly I easily broke my own perceived limitation of what i call my 2-minute barrier. I have been struggling to keep my tracks going once the piece exceeds 2 minutes of play time. This time round it did not seem too difficult. Whatever the reason, I believe I need more practice :)

I hope you like it.

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