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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Against the Flow - Mma idea03 20130601 Trial01 010

Listen on SoundCloud.com 

Here's a piece done for a martial arts school video as a speculative test. It has a driving feel with elements of sound design.

I hope you like the piece!

Start-End Dates: 20130601 - 20130606
DAW: FL Studio v11
VI libraries Used:
- heavyocity Damage
- NI Kontakt Factory Library
- SampleLogic cinematic guitars
- Image-Line Slayer

DSP plugins used
- NI solid bus comp
- NI RC24 (reverb)
- NI solid EQ
- NI EQ3 (inside Kontakt)
- VSL hybrid reverb
- izotope Ozone 5