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Monday, 13 May 2013

In The Heat of the Day

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Here's my latest work, my very first electronic piece. I did this at the request of a friend who requires a somewhat upbeat music to go with an instructional video on mixed-martial arts.

I realised I had to spend significantly more time on choosing sounds, and working on the sound design since it is a feature in the electronic music genre.

Here's hoping I can improve at creating electronic stuff because I hope to use sound design elements in conjunction with orchestral instruments in my future works.

I hope you like it!

Some stats on this piece:
Start-End Dates: 20130510 - 20130513 (3 days)
DAW: FL Studio 11
Synths in use:
- Image-Line Groove Machine Synth,
- Image-Line Autogun,
- Sonic Culture Konkrete,
- NI AbSynth 5,
- NI Kontakt Factory Library