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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Spitfire Audio Releases Albion Volume II - LOEGRIA

All information below is available on the Spitfire Loegria product page. Please check it out for the most updated and accurate information.

I have to say this before anything else, so you don't miss the offer: 
Loegria's RRP is £329, but for 2 weeks from the release date of 30 Aug 2012, there is an introductory price of £249, and a 25% discount voucher for any of Spitfire's other products. 
(That's tomorrow, btw!)

It is with great excitement and anticipation that I read the news regarding the release of Spitfire's newest product, Albion Volume II - Loegria.

Due to be released tomorrow, Loegria aims to create intimate, cinematic and beautiful sounding scores. As with Albion Volume I, Loegria includes the complete sections of woodwinds, strings, brass and percussions to complete the various sections of an orchestra, played by the finest players in the UK, and recorded on warm and organic sounding 2" tape through a signal chain involving the highest quality equipment including valve and ribbon microphones.

A four-way mic control is made available to every instrument patch for great versatility. Short patches are recorded with 4x round-robin for great organic sounding performances.

The strings section is chamber-sized resulting in a very intimate and expressive sound. Included in the strings sections is also a number of techniques that extend the versatility of Albion Volume I's offerings. Recorded for a more choral interpretation of the instruments,

The brass section consists of 2 ensembles, the Euphonia and Horns, and the Sackbut choir, all produced to bring out the beautiful choral quality particular to the instruments being recorded.

The wind section consists of wooden recorders. The finest players who played for the recording brought out the simplistic yet beautiful qualities of these traditional instruments.

On top of these regular sections of the orchestra, there are unconventional additions to the collection, like the Byron Beats, Darwin Percussion, Stephenson's Steam Band and the Fenton Reversals.

Byron Beats is a collection of rhythm loops and inspired by a hugely popular vintage keyboard in the 60s & 70s. Designed to sync with the host DAW's tempo, these loops will feature a full-bandwidth analogue recording version, and another that goes through a signal path that includes a line mixer owned by Jimi Hendrix himself.

Darwin Percussion is another group of huge sounding cinematic drums to add to Albion Vol I's already impressive collection. Spitfire have gone deeper this time with 5x round robin recording, 5 dynamic layers, and more hits to truly get an organic feel in the performance. Patches come in 'tight' and 'loose' versions, the former to give a very impactful and huge sound, and the latter to give the sound a feel for the manpower behind the performance.

Fenton Reverses are meant to help musicians get out of tight corners when visual edits or visual rhythm forces the composer to change cue in mid-bar, or even mid-beat. These are cool sounds that are derived from the Albion range that do the job to break up the music so the next cue can begin without a jerking the listener out of the movie.

Stephenson's Steam Band is a collection of aesthetically 'mutilated' and 'mutated' sounds taken from within the Loegria's recordings. Many of them sounding beyond recognition from the original elements, the result is an inspiring collection of drones, pads and atmospheric tools that will blend seamlessly with the rest of Loegria's patches which come from the same organic source. These evolving sounds and pads, even though they are 'pre-programmed' to evolve and change over time, have a huge expressive potential. They are programmed so that there is a 2-way mic control and a modulation control. Between the two controllers you will be able to get surprising expression out of these patches.