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Monday, 14 September 2015

Corniche Mega Marshmallow Commercial

Finally, here's my first piece of music scored to a commercial video. It is on the client's official YouTube channel :)

This is a full CGI production. All imagery were produced by +Tiny Island Productions.

I wrote the music to already edited visuals. Thus the beats and timing of key moments were timed to the cuts and action. The edit changed a little bit during my scoring to give the establishing shots a bit more time. This actually worked to my advantage, giving me more space to play establish the musical mood as well.

The most difficult part in this project is the fast paced mood changes in the edit. I had to decide how to find the nearest half-bar or full-bar to transit the mood, and whether to transit on the cut. Sometimes it works but at other times it may become too cheesy when timing transitions exactly to the edit.

Sound Design
The sound design was done in collaboration with a partner company. They recorded the effects and voices, timed to the video.

My music came up to about 12 - 14 tracks. I created a mix for music, and when the sound effects came back, I gave some final tweaks to make music and sound effects sit better with each other.

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