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Friday, 23 January 2015

Chris Hein Horns Compact Doodle

Just got myself the Chris Hein Horns Compact Library. Boy it is so good!

This is me completely playing nonsense (no note edits) on one patch of each instrument in the sax and clarinet section.

 It starts with saxes of the highest registers down to the lower ones, then clarinets from the higher to the lower ones.

 Please note that with exception to the bass and contrabass sax and clarinets, most of these have at least 1 other variation, (like the Eb and Bb clarinets, and Soprano Sax A and Sop Sax B) There is a whole other section with brass (trumpets (with & without mutes), flugel horns, trombones, tuba, etc) 

There are 65 instruments in all, a really great value for great sounding and playable instruments! Chris Hein Horns Compact sells at VSTBuzz.com at 50% discount (until 28 Jan 2015), at the price of 72.49 Euros (regular price 144.99 Euros). Grab it if you can!


At the time of writing, the deal will run for 4 days and 13 minutes.

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