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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

My Grown Up Christmas List

Hey everyone, I hope you had a good year in 2014. Let us be thankful for what we have and spread the love with our fellow man, make this world a better place this season of peace, love and grace.

As God gives His only Son unreservedly, let us be just a little bit more caring to the next person, and strive to be better people in the coming year.

God bless you guys, have a great holiday, and Merry Christmas.

About this track:
This is a beautiful song (one of my favourite Christmas songs) by Mr David Foster, who happens to be one of my favourite composers.

Arcellia sang and recorded her voice for the track, and I did the music and mixing. This is the first time I am collaborating with a fellow musician over the Internet, and it is a refreshing way of working, opening doors to greater creativity and synergy in the collaboration.

I hope you like it.