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Friday, 1 August 2014

Cover Version of Dick Lee's Rasa Sayang, for the Japanese Association

History of this job:

About a month ago I completed a job doing a cover version of Dick Lee's Rasa Sayang. The client was the Japanese Association. There was going to be a cultural exchange program where a Singaporean team of children would perform a music piece at their event in Japan.

The parents had wanted to do a multi-cultural piece. Dick Lee's Rasa Sayang was the ideal candidate for that piece. As they did not have access to Dick Lee's instrumental version (after they consulted him via email), they decided to engage me to create the instrumental track, with permission from Dick Lee.

After the instrumental was created and approved, The client went on to record the children's vocals, and also produced a music video featuring the children. So here's my track in the music video. :)

Details about the music track:

I programmed all the arrangement, (except for the guitars). 4:23 onwards, I created a mix of instruments emulating a mix of ethnic Indian, Chinese and Malay feel to the track, to respectively represent a mix of the main cultures in Singapore.

Electric guitar performances are by my talented and highly skilled  partner, Glenn Fong.

Er-Hu lines at the end are phrases performed by a client's son. At the time of recording, his playing speed is 1.5 times faster than the tempo of this track. I slowed down and re-timed portions of his playing to achieve the final version in this track.

The a capella portion in front was from the original recording.
I do not claim rights to any of the replicated arrangement
All rights from the song and original recordings belong to their respective owners.

Original Track here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs1lab0X8LI