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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Grey Moments - Co_02c_FilmScore_TheViolin_V001_003

Here's a moody piece for a rainy day. This is for one of my online assignments, where I attempt to write expressively for just the string section, using a solo violin as the lead instrument.

The brief included words like, 'beautiful', 'haunting', 'world war 2 era', 'hopes', 'dreams'. I hope I managed to capture some of those in my track :)

Written in 3 days, programmed in Sonar X3. Since I read up on the assignment, I began to think about how the track would sound, in my mind, maybe about 3 days before. Therefore the song could have taken about 6 days. Along the way, I had 2 earlier ideas which I abandoned as the piece progressed.

On this piece, once I came up with the beginning of the melody, the track sort of shaped itself. It was coming up with that initial line that was hard.

The key of the song changed from F# Minor to B Minor almost without me noticing. I would be quite concerned over changing of keys in the past, because back then I felt like a key change would have to be intentional, with good reason. I feel I am going at it from a different angle now. We'll see where that takes me.

The time signature is set in 6/8 time. There are two places in the music where retard of tempo takes place. I still don't know how to handle that, whether to slip in a bar of 3/8 or to keep to 6/8 with a slowed down timing. I chose to go with the latter. Still do not know if it is the best way to do this. :)

I hope you like this piece. Do give me your feedback :)

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