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Friday, 28 December 2012

Tiny Music

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I set a challenge for myself, to write a piece of music that can be used in a present day TV commercial. There was an opportunity for me to submit a piece of music for a music management company calling for music submissions.

In this piece of music I try to use as many of the individual and small virtual instruments I've bought from sample library developers. Here's the complete list of instruments used in the piece:
- Guitaret (free virtual instrument from 9-volt audio),
- CrowdSource Choir from Sonic Couture,
- New York Piano and music box from Native Instruments,
- Chamber Strings from Vienna Symphonic Library's Special Edition

The beginning of the piece may make many think of children's products, but I was targeting more of the lifestyle or insurance / assurance kind of commercials.

This piece took me about a full day of work (and maybe a bit more).

I am quite happy with the result, and the time I've taken to complete it. To take it further, I would have spent more time on sculpting the expressiveness of the individual instruments (dynamics, articulations, etc).

Leave a comment if you like it :)

If you want to use it in your TV commercial, drop me a message too!

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