I've purchased my license for Morphestra! Its really a good time because I am taking advantage of the 3-day offer giving me a 50% discount off the regular price! This translates to about SGD350, my local currency.

At the very moment my card details were successfully verified, an email with a serial number was sent to me.
Talk about delivery efficiency!
Installation process includes running an installation manager. With my serial number I could initiate a download process (Morphestra falls under the downloadable product category, so there is no need to wait for shipping and delivery). Being a whopping 15GB in size, the installation is archive is split up into 23 parts, each about 653mb in size.
This seriously takes up some time (and bandwidth) to download. I started the process last night, and I've left it to download while I go to work.

Fingers crossed, I'll be able to install my new tool when I get home tonight! :)

I am posting this through email, testing the mobile capabilities of blogger.