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Monday, 7 May 2012

ProjectSam: New Pricing for Symphobia & Symphobia 2!

ProjectSam has updated pricing for Symphobia and Symphobia 2!

Symphobia which originally cost US$1259 (or EUR899) is now US$999 (EUR749).

Symphobia2 which originally cost US$1399 (or EUR999) is now also US$999 (EUR749).
This comes down to 20.6% reduction in price on Symphobia, and 28.6% reduction on Symphobia2!

There is also a revised pricing for the Symphobia Pack. What used to cost US$2658 (or EUR1898) for Symphobia products is now only US$1899 (or EUR1399). This comes down to about 28.6% discount!

What a good deal! This is really tempting. If you've been keeping your eyes on these for a while, I think now is an even better time to grab them!

Note: All Euro prices exclude 19% VAT.